We lay in bed, my fingers tracing flowers on your back while you close your eyes and whisper that you're falling asleep. I want to ask you if you'll ever open up to me, but sleep does not come easy so I bite my tongue and hope you glimpse my thoughts trickling out onto the pillow instead.


We stare at the ceiling like soulful beings and I wish you'd kiss me, but you rest your head on my chest while Scully and Mulder crack jokes about aliens and cellophane. I feel you melt into dreamland while I brush your hair off your face and I wish I could lay here forever, tangled up with you.

I like to think that I'm the one that got away, but all along I've just been asking you to stay and I cannot seem to find it within myself to hate you for it. You once told me there is no hurry, we've got time, but my clock is ticking down and I've spent too many nights not being Her.


As my hands slide below the sheets, I realize feeling this easy has never been so hard and god, I wish you'd fuck me. You cover my mouth the way I like, as we leave messes on the bed, our cheeks becoming a blotchy shade of pink.


You roll over and I grab your hand, wondering if you knew how much I wish I meant to you. But then we roll over again, and go our separate ways: I realize that this is not love, it is loneliness and I miss myself the most.

Houston, Texas

You kissed my knees and said 
everything was going to be okay—
There’s not one part of you that isn’t beautiful.


We laid in bed, our warm bodies 
a tangled mess as slow music 
tumbles through the speakers 
upon your newly christened bed.


You held me close, your strong hands
promising a thousand and one love notes
while your fingers find their way to the small of my back
and the crease of my parted pink lips.

Never Not Here

It’s 4 am, and the lights just came on. 
We look out the window and see
muddled clouds and empty screens.


It’s 3:37, and you just pulled out, 
too guilty to finish what we started.
She was on my mind too.


It’s 3:21, and we make a wish—
mine a little left of normal, 
but still hoping you would stay.


It’s 4 am and I already miss you.

Throw It All Away

Life’s too short to waste your time with
Broken hearted people
Maybe we could have a great time
Sometimes it takes a while to figure it out
What do you think of it all
Save me from the beginning of the time
When I was getting ready to begin again


What happens to you and I?
Who are you going to be?
Why not just for the day?
Where is it that you are a few days to?


Life’s too short for the next day
And I’m not sure yet what you mean
But I was so excited to see
What do you think of you and me?


I woke up from a dream, opened my eyes
And realized I was already awake.

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